MIKA interviews Mika

Hello! I've never written about myself in my blog, so this time I'm writing self introduction in a form of Q & A. (1~20)

(1Q: Could you introduce yourself a little?) 
Hi, I'm Japanese who is living in Tokyo. I'm English learner for two years and I'm working. I'm an only child. I have brown hairs and I'm wearing glasses. My favorite color is blue. I'm a SNS user of Facebook, mixi, and smart.fm.

(2Q: How would you describe your personality?)  
Basically, I'm an optimistic person, but I'm pessimistic about love (laugh). I'm curious, active, and I love my family.

(3Q: Do you have any hobbies?)  
Yes, I have many hobbies. Please refer to my profile page for details. I'm into taking photos now.

(4Q: Do you have any favorite motto?)  
Yes, my motto is "courage, perseverance, speed, action" and "Yes, I can".

(5Q: What's your childhood dream?)  
I wanted to be a movie director, or a movie critic, or a music producer, or I wanted to become a president of a company.

(6Q: What's your strength?)  
I have many qualifications. These are about computer systems, web design, Microsoft Office, color coordinate, and accounting.

(7Q: What do you usually do on your day off?)  
I usually meet my friends and chat with them at cafe, but I sometimes try to spend all day doing nothing to relax.

(8Q: Where is your most favorite place in Tokyo?)  
It's Shinjuku. Shinjuku is very crowded but I can feel Asia. It's a very attractive place for me.

(9Q: Could you recommend some cafe in Tokyo?)  
Sure. One is "Afternoon tea" in Shinjuku, near Shinjuku station south exit. You'll be relax and enjoy cute sweets at the cafe, which has been coordinated around very nice simple interior.

Another cafe is "Shiseido Parlour Salon de Cafe" in Ginza. It's a really nice cafe, expensive though. Its building and interior has been coordinated around red color and the cafe has a sense of high quality. You'll enjoy its atmosphere.

(10Q: If the world came to an end tomorrow, what would you want to do?)
I would spend time as usual...haha. I'd like to be with my family till the end.

(11Q: Then, what would you want to eat as a "last supper"? It's a very Japanese question though.)
I want to eat miso soup which my mother makes.

(12Q: What is the hot news with you?)
I'm into "eyelashes extension" and "nail art". Eyelashes extension is a kind of false eyelashes.

(13Q: Where do you want to go on a trip the best?)
I'd like to go Ishigaki island very much!!

(14Q: Who do you want go with?)
It's secret. (laugh)

(15Q: What is the purpose of this blog?)
This blog is to tell you about my daily life in Tokyo. It's a 'sub-blog' of "TOKYO-POP". "TOKYO-POP" is to tell you about pop culture in Tokyo. Most of contents are about music or movie now, but I'd like to write about many things, for example, fashion...etc..., in the future. I'm writing these blog to improve my English writing skill.

(16Q: Why don't you publish a photo of your face on your page?)
Because I'm using my real name. I don't want my coworkers to ever know that I'm writing this blog.(laugh)

(17Q: Are you an anime geek?)
To be exact, No. Of course I like animation very much but I'm interested in its theme songs and soundtracks rather than the animation itself. I just, I love creative things, for example, music artist's promotion video or animation's opening and ending credit. Fusion of music and image is the most creative things for me.

(18Q: How do you study English?)
I study on web site "smart.fm", and sometimes chat with my Japanese friends in English. At first, I learned at language school though. If you want to study Japanese, I recommend you to study on "smart.fm". It's a free site.

(19Q: What are your planning to do for the future?)
I'm starting online business and I’m planning to take part in an activity of solving environmental problem.

(20Q: The last question I'd like to ask you is what do you want to do right now?)
I want to have a head massage!

(Final word)
Thank you for reading! Is my English accurate...? I'm writing in English and Japanese but Japanese is colloquial style, so sometimes these are broken Japanese.

(1Q: 少し自己紹介お願いします。)

2Q: あなたはどんな性格?)

3Q: 何か趣味はある?)




7Q: 休みの日は何してる?)

8Q: 東京でお気に入りの場所は?)

9Q: 東京でお勧めのカフェを教えてください。)
もちろん。ひとつは新宿駅近くにあるアフタヌーンティー。素敵なシンプルなインテリアのカフェで、きっとリラックスしてかわいいスイーツを楽しめるよ。もうひとつは銀座にある資生堂パーラー サロンドカフェ。高いけど素敵なカフェ。建物とインテリアが赤でコーディネートされていて、高級感がある。きっとその雰囲気を楽しめるよ。

10Q: もし明日世界が終わるとしたら、どうする?)

11Q: そのとき、最後の晩餐として何が食べたい?日本的な質問だけど。)

12Q: あなたの周りで最近流行っているものは?)

13Q: 一番旅行に行きたい場所は?)

14Q: 誰と行きたい?)

15Q: このブログの目的は?)

16Q: なぜ自分の顔写真を載せないの?)

17Q: あなたはアニメオタク?)

18Q: どうやって英語を勉強してる?)

19Q: 将来について何か計画はある?)

20Q: 最後の質問です。今、何がしたい?)



I'm into "Paprika" Opening

I'm into opening credit of "Paprika" these days!
I'm listening the music over and over again by youtube. It's very nice!
The composer is Susumu Hirasawa, one of my favorite musician.
What do you think of this video?

最近 ”パプリカ”のオープニングにハマッてます。
私の好きなミュージシャンの一人である平沢進 氏が作曲してます。


Cold in Cherry-blossom Season

Today was quite chilly. It was exactly cold in cherry-blossom season in Tokyo.
According to weather forecast, tomorrow will be fine and air temperature will increase.  Because of wide temperature swing, I always can't decide what to wear every day in this season...